About Me

My clients keep coming back. Do I have an addictive personality? Maybe. Do I offer them too much free candy? Probably. Do they love the work I do? Abso-freaking-lutely! My clients know that they can trust me to get their jobs done flawlessly every time, and they count on me to get them their files on tight turnarounds. I mean, you know how it goes, right? You book a job with a client, and they’re a pretty big deal. All of the sudden, they want it YESTERDAY and they want you to pay them for the honor doing business with them. So there you sit, confused, whip-lashed, and dissatisfied with the pizza you had for lunch.

Here’s where I come in. I swoop in, not unlike Ironman, and offer a sweet turnaround time with amazing reads and quality production. You think “man, this dude just saved my skin, and his voice is so seductive, this client will for sure pay me double, hey, maybe even triple!”. Then you look back on your life 20 years later, as you are retired, sipping mimosas in Jamaica, thinking “wow, I’m super glad I hired Weston. I’m also glad to have such a great, cultivated, and on-going relationship with him.” Then you look to your left and tell me that yourself, because we’re good friends now and we’ve made a killing together, we’ve changed the media industry, heck, we ARE the media industry! Now, enjoy your mimosa, longtime friend, and bask in the sultry sounds of reggae.

Now for some real talk. I’m sure you’re wondering why I called you here today. I’m starting a new initiative, you see, a secret initiative, and I want you in on the ground floor. Now I may be one the of most highly requested conversational voices in the world, and sure, maybe I can do sick videogame voices, deep gravelly whisky drinkin’ kinda voices, and even one of the most smooth and authentic eLearning narratorions, but I need your help. I need your genius, your expertise, your brilliance! You see, you write scripts, and even if you don’t I do! But you make the sick videos! And that I don’t do. So what do we do? We work together, to change the way the world views the rest of the world. With a simple pan of the camera, change of voice inflection, and turn in music, we influence MILLIONS. We create the inspired. We create the hopeful. We. Are. The inspirizers!! No?.. hmm… How about the hope-fillers. I know, I know, I can hear you sighing over the interwebs. We can figure that out later.

My point is with my sultry, powerful, conversational, authentic, real, inspiring voice, copywriting, casting, and production services combined with your otherworldly video, client finding, or editing skills we can own this town AND make this town big enough for two people (no more gun fights and dead cowboys).

If you want your voice-over done by a professionally seasoned (mmm steak) voice ACTOR that is interested in your project and your client, we should work together. Seriously, I’ve spent years and 10s of thousands of hours perfecting my craft in acting and several authentic accents, and I would love to collaborate with you to create something that pulls on the hearts strings of others around the world.

I have everything you need to complete a successful VO project, and hey! If I don’t, I know plenty of people who do, and I can connect you to them. This is a team effort, and I am a team player. So let’s all win this game and go drink some capris suns and eat rice crispy treats.